20+ years’ experience as CEO and VP in various agriculture and poultry companies

Yael Alter
CEO & Co-founder

25+ years in poultry operations. One of Israel’s leading layer growers

Oren Salomon
Head of Poultry Operations

10+ years’ experience in the startup ecosystem, specialized in strategy, growth, fund raising and M&A.

Amber Katz
VP Business Development

Ph.D. in mathematics from Tel-Aviv University, and post-doctoral fellowship from UC Berkley

Dr. Dan Vilenchik
Chief Data Officer

30+ years’ experience in software development of large-scale projects; vast knowledge in IoT platform automation and design

Oleg Korzun
Chief Technology Officer

Ph.D. in Microbiology and immunology from Ben-Gurion University; post-doc in Antibody discovery & engineering from A. Einstein college of medicine, NYC and former Senior scientist at PiNK Bio-Pharma.

Dr. Shlomit Fedida-Metula
Chief Scientist

Efrat Petel is an entrepreneur & computer engineer who has +15 years of experience in food-tech, consulting, and new product development. Efrat is experienced in building operations, pre-sale processes, and business scale-up.

Efrat Petel
Soos USA, General Manager

+35 years of global experience in the Animal Health industry as an executive, general manager and operational leader.

Claude Dhont, DVM
Soos Europe, General Manager